BUTTERFLY – Music Video For Film & Video Game Composer David Rosen


I recently had the pleasure of working with film and video game composer, David Rosen, on a music video for a track called “BUTTERFLY” on his upcoming album “HEAD LIKE FIRE”.  David sent me an early version of the track about 3 weeks ago and from that I was tasked with creating a visual concept that fit the music.  The music video can be seen below at the Vimeo link.

Below are some stills from the video and some short before and after videos that show some of the process that took place during the video’s creation.

David has been creating music for many years and has a few albums out along with several soundtracks he’s composed.  You should definitely stop by and check out his site at http://www.bydavidrosen.com.

Official Music Video – David Rosen ‘BUTTERFLY”:

Some stills from the video made during the post production process:

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The following are some partial process breakdown videos.  I say partial because they don’t show the full process.  Just from wireframe to final render.




VFX-Tobias Written by: